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Hybris is a technical thrash metal band hailing from London.

The seeds for the project were sown in distant 2002, when Federica (Centurions Ghost) set up camp in London and started writing riffs for what would have been an all-female metal band. However, finding suitable musicians proved to be far harder than anticipated, so in the mean time she teamed up with Achilles (Son of Science, Abgott, Uncaused Creation) who dove right in producing and helping arrange those early ideas.

A long period ensued during which various musicians were auditioned, but either lack of commitment or ability resulted in Fed shelving the project and becoming involved with Centurions Ghost, who were actively touring and recording for several years.

...Up until 2008. By this point, some of those early demos had circulated amongst friends, and so it was that they reached Liv's ears, who immediately knew she had found her band. She rushed to join in, injecting a much needed air of excitement back into the project. At this time it was also decided that Achilles should join permanently, as he was gradually getting more involved in the whole writing process.

After extensive searching and auditioning for a Drummer and a Singer, the final pieces of the puzzle were found in Dimitris (Reverse Split, Scar Divine, Hannibal) and James (ex-Centurions Ghost and Iron Knights). Their dedication and experience were vital elements in order to resume the mission of turning those chaotic riffs into a fully operating live act, which has already earned support slots for very established bands such as Helstar, Volture and Municipal Waste.

The Hybris sonic canvas weaves together the finest technical thrash with
classic heavy metal and strong hints of progressive. Currently in the recording studio, their debut album is set to be released in 2013 on Candlelight records.


.: Discography :.

Heavy Machinery
(Candelight Records - 2013)

Heavy Machinery 1. Uprising
2. Hypertube
3. Shadowplay
4. Foe or friend
5. Collision
6. Insidious
7. Emperors
8. Volcano
9. Hubris
10. Cult of doom